Chaney: Explosive Plays Disappeared

Jim Chaney

Jim Chaney said passing game started to slip after Brandon Allen took a few shots. Chris Ash liked improvement in run game, but missed tackles in secondary doomed Hogs. Those were assessments from coaches Sunday night after Florida beat Arkansas, 30-10.

Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney was not critical of effort, just execution after the first quarter in a 30-10 loss to Florida. Chaney said "it didn't go very well after the first 20 plays."

Chaney measures explosive plays as runs or passes over 15 yards. He liked what he saw out of the gate Saturday night.

"There were four (explosive plays) in the first 15, so I was pleased with that," Chaney said. "But execution went south after (quarterback) Brandon Allen got hit a few times. Then he got a little out of control. After the first quarter our run game changed because of mental errors. We'd have nine right on a play, but the other two missed assignments. That one or two not getting it right will get you beat.

"There were some inaccurate throws and some that should have been caught. Obviously, we lost efficiency in the passing game. He's not getting as many repetitions in practice (because of a sore shoulder), but that's life in college football.

"It would be better if he was perfectly accurate and there probably wouldn't have been as many drops. It's a team sport and everyone is to blame. There probably were some that should have been caught."

Senior Javontee Herndon was "very disappointed," said wide receiver coach Michael Smith. Many of the drops were on passes towards Herndon.

"He's a senior and he's played a lot of football," Smith said. "I told him he's got six more opportunities to bounce back after that game.

"The drops, I think it is lack of focus as much as anything. I think they were pressing.

"But whatever it was, we didn't show up. It cost us. I'm disappointed and I take the blame for not having them prepared."

Defensive coordinator Chris Ash said there was improvement in the linebacker play against the run, especially with Jarrett Lake at middle linebacker "with getting the front aligned. We stressed the run game and we held them to 115 after they came in averaging 211. But we didn't tackle well in the secondary and that led to big plays."

Ash said Jared Collins and Carroll Washington would battle for the starting cornerback spot after Will Hines was lost to the season with a broken arm. D. J. Dean would be the fourth man in the rotation along with starter Tevin Mitchel. It was Mitchel's missed tackles that led to two touchdowns.

"Tevin made some nice tackles earlier, but then he missed on those two plays and they turned out to be the big plays in the game," Ash said. "Football is a simple game. Can you get off blocks? Can you run to the play? And can you tackle? The tackling was disappointing."

Linebacker coach Randy Shannon was pleased with improvement in his area, mainly with Lake's play in the middle. Lake played some at middle linebacker against Texas A&M, but started and went the distance against Florida. He'd played outside linebacker for most of the season.

"There was a lot less commotion," Shannon said. "We aligned better and the run fits were better at linebacker. It was actually a whole lot better.

"We'd worked Lake in the middle in camp. We weren't sure how our best group would turn out to be, but we were better this week. I hate moving everyone around so much, but we are better now for having done that."

Otha Peters didn't see much action. Shannon said that will change as Peters improves his use of a broken arm.

"Otha just missed so much time," Shannon said. "He was rusty and he needed to get full use of that arm and hand. He'll get out there more. But he needed to practice. I think everyone assumed, Otha was back and he'd be out there. You need practice time. Recommended Stories

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